Saturday, February 16, 2008
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I'm about to release my new album, "Crossing the Line", which has literally been in the works for 3 decades. I guess no one can accuse me of rushing this project! The first half was recorded back in the 1970s at what was then called Wally Heider's Studios in San Francisco, with Steve Barncard engineering, and a great bunch of players, including Jerry Garcia and Scotty Quik on lead guitars, Austin deLone on keys, Pat Campbell on bass, and Carl Tassi on drums. Those tracks were not completed at the time, and remained unfinished until I finally recorded the second half of this album in 2000, using some of the same musicians, along with lead guitarists Jorma Kaukonen, Jerry Miller, Mark Karan, David Nelson, and Barry Sless on various tracks. I'm very excited to finally be able to put this music out. These songs have a lot of meaning for me. Hope you enjoy hearing this album. We sure had fun making it! --Bill

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