Check out these reviews for the new album "Crossing The Line":
"Drum roll, please...The 2008..."

Guitar Player
"It's a story reminiscent of The Odyssey..." Page 1, Page 2, Page 3

Sing Out!
"Cutler not only reveals a wide-ranging, genre-bending..."

"Cutler, a singer/songwriter and producer who started out as..."

Hittin the Note
"Every now and then word spreads about a long-forgotten "Holy Grail"..."

Glide Magazine
"Rarely do you get the chance to listen to a finished product 30 years..."

"Bay Area guitarist/producer Bill Cutler sure took..."

Huffington Post
"A few years ago, while visiting a friend, San Francisco singer-songwriter..."
"First off is a CD that took so long to make that..."

Classic Rock Revisited
"From out of nowhere comes Americana songwriter Bill Cutler..."

Rock Report
"Sometimes beautiful little pearls are hidden in dark alleys..."

Zicazine (in French)
"Outre le fait d'être un talentueux singer et songwriter, Bill Cutler..."

Spirit of Rock Webzine (in French)
"Même si le nom de Bill Cutler..."

Music Waves (in French)
"Bill Cutler est un musicien américain originaire..."

LoudVision (in Italian)
"De Sanctis scriveva che la semplicità è la forma della vera bellezza..." (in German)
"Beim Blick auf die lange Liste der beteiligten Gaststars dieses..."

Metal Inside (in German)
"Das erste Soloalbum "Crossing The Line" von BILL CUTLER hat es..."

Heaven popmagazine (in Dutch)
"Het is een vreemde gewaarwording om een kersverse debuut-cd te..."

Soundcheck (in Russian)
"The legendary San Francisco producer and guitarist Bill Cutler, began..."

Below is a small collection of clippings from projects Bill has worked on over the years. Click on an article to see a larger version.

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